Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So whose ready for a different kind of competition?

Alrighty, ladies and gents.

We have a new competition in mind :D As I've spoken about on our fan page, we're going to charge and entry fee of $5 - payments can be made at via Paypal. If you need to pay via direct deposit, please email me at the above email address.

So what's the comp? Well - it's going to be fun. I've found someone who can custom print my own ribbon! YAY! So the idea we came up with is we want you to design a ribbon for us - but there is a catch. We're going to pick TWO ribbon designs that we love and have them printed.

It has to be a mixture of my obvious style, mixed with your own. The ribbon is WHITE only, but any colours can be used. We are printing 10mm and 22mm ribbon and the prize is a wee bit undecided yet, but does include an entire range of items, made from the ribbon you design, if you win!!!!

The range will include, Tuxedo clip sets, itty bitty clip sets, headbands - both woven, wrapped and a headband with a bow, co-ordinating hair ties and anything else you can think of! This part of the prize is valued at $30.50 - Total Prize back will be $100 for first prize (We're thinking a Gift Voucher for the remainding - or we're open to suggestions :))

Second prize is for the second ribbon design we love will win the entire range of ribbon in their design.

So once you've designed your ribbon, email me the jpeg (no larger than 2mg please) to - entries close 21st February so you'd better get your thinking caps on!! Spread the word!


Kelly said...

How fun. Not sure my artistic ability extends that far but I might give it a go.

Maddy said...

Such ashame this comp is over :-( I so would have liked to have entered.