Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Mystery E-Party Time!!!

Hey folks

As I announced the other day, we're holding another Mystery E-Party, starting May 4th. The last one was a massive success, with the mystery hostess winning over $160 worth of credit for our online store.

We also ran a little comp around the time of the mystery e-party, to see who could guess the amount of Pretty Pennies the hostess would win in the end and that person won a $20 Gift Voucher.

So I think we should play this game again - please comment below how much you think the Pretty Pennies will be at the end of the Mystery E-Party and the closest amount wins a $20 Gift voucher!!!

So a few little rules...

You can guess three times
Last time was only dollar amounts, this time I want $ and cents! :D
Even if you don't participate in the Mystery E party, you can still enter!

I'll be setting up a Facebook event today for you to join - where you'll find the invitation, and information - and you can ask questions.

I look forward to doing this e-party again - I LOVED the response we had last time and hope to make this a bigger and better one this time around!



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Gosh I am no good at this but here goes..




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My guesses:

Toni hill said...

My guesses:

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I apologise if I have guessed someone else's previous - I haven't looked!

<3 Tif

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I'm going go wild! (one can dream :P ;))


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